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Dave is designer, works in the game indsutry for 6 years. GOt involved because pixie was looking for a character generator. Dave = Lead Designer changing to art director. Wanted to have pxel

Dave is designer, works in the game indsutry for 6 years. GOt involved because pixie was looking for a character generator.

Dave = Lead Designer changing to art director.

Wanted to have pxel art. That limits, give it a more retro feel. Low pixelcount. If you go to high it’s blurry normal images. With the character you get access to all the other stuff. Different benefits like play to earn. It’s also going to be free to play. Its like old pokemon zelda. Diablo in pixel art.

The biggest problem he has is that candidate don’t do pixel art. Is looking for 1 or 2 junior and 1 senior. A lot of them are junior. Couple seniors.

Nice to haves = worked at a game studio before, more the quality of your art and to produce it. But if they work at a game they know how to put in in an engine.

Isometric view


Being able to create something with low pixels

strong art + years of experience is great.

junior position = focussed on one or two Character Design + animation + environment + creatures

Senior can bounce everywhere.

Aesprite software for pixel art.

Would like an artist that can work with a new programme and get the hang of it. If you know adobe suite its good. Not afraid to jump into an engine. Unity experience is a nice to have. One thing to make it in photoshop but ou need to be able to make it a usable asset.

Communication is key completely remote, doesnt want to pull teeth to find answers. Talk with me, work with me. Never started a studio before. Feedback is important, be able to express themselves as an artist. Not a yes man,someone that knows how to collaborate. Characters have to reflect the image of the NFT.

Narrative feeds the design department. 10 different regions, with dungeons etc.

junior 40-45k dollar, 55 usd dollar.

The Company

Our client is a small indie studio that recently did a successful launch of their NFT collection and they’ve now started building their new Pixel-Art MMORPG in the style of Diablo. I just want to say upfront that it doesn’t matter if Bitcoin crashes tomorrow. You will still have a job. So with that out of the way. Let’s get started shall we?

The studio currently consists of 15 people of which 5 are community managers and the rest work dedicated on creating the game. They are very ambitious and want to grow the team to 30 people by the end of 2022.

Also, the company is completely remote and it doesn’t even matter if you’re in the US next week and Japan the week after. Every timezone is fine. This is the future of work, deal with it.

The Job

You’re going to work directly with the Lead Designer to make the designs for everything. The world, the characters, the monsters, the items, the swords, the shields, everything.

In addition to this you’ll work very closely to the narrative team because they will feed you the inspiration for your designs. Speaking of feeding you inspiration. How about I’ll tell you a bit about what the game is about?

It’s about Vikings, ancient Northern Lore, battles, blood and magical beasts in the land of Midgard and straight to VALHALLA!


Great, keep reading to know what you need to have to work on these nine-realms in the Metaverse.

The Rewards

What we offer:

  • Training: A personal learning budget to spend on learning and development. This includes books, conferences, workshops, etc.
  • Flexible working hours: Productive hours differ per individual. That’s why you’re welcome to start work when it best suits you and your life.
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation
  • Something cool to tell at party’s
  • Laptop: Enjoy the newest 14” Macbook Pro, plus a mouse and keyboard of your choosing
  • Home office: Every employee gets a budget (Up to $2500 USD) to “spruce up” their home office.
  • Company get-togethers: Even though we’re all miles apart, we try to meet up twice a year.
  • Money (Yes there’s no range here because whenever I put blockchain or crypto in a vacancy it’s like the freaking gold rush because everybody knows there’s money to be made. Just tell me what you want and represent yourself accordingly. You want to increase your salary by 20k thats fine by me! You put your money where your mouth is:)

Interested to hear more? Awesome! Contact: arnold@haystackpeople.nl or +31682099493

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