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The world of blockchain is evolving and growing rapidly. Consequently, the search for new talent is never ending. Do you have what it takes to start working in this innovative and challenging environment?

With over 3.000 jobs in offices all over Europe and beyond your future dream job could be just minutes away.

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All over Europe we offer a huge amount of blockchain job openings and great opportunities to anyone who wants to help build the blockchain world. In this innovative and challenging world there is a place for everyone. Blockchain work is extremely diverse. We, and so many others, believe blockchain technology is here to stay. 

As it is one of the fastest growing sectors, companies are looking for a wide variety of skilled workers to reinforce their teams. Blockchain developers are in great demand and as the world of cryptocurrency becomes ever more adopted, the search for crypto professionals is ever growing. 

Established companies such as Kraken and Bitfinex are always offering a lot of bitcoin and cryptocurrency jobs. No matter your background, the world of blockchain offers everyone a piece of the pie. Not just developers and bitcoin specialists are in great demand. Blockchain marketing jobs for example are available in many cities around Europe.

Therefore, we offer many such job openings on Blockchain4talent. Even a large amount of blockchain internship positions can be found on our website. More than 3.000 different blockchain job openings exist in a plethora of sectors. Do not wait any longer and find your dream job today.

Why work in blockchain?

The blockchain industry is new and exciting. Not only do we believe blockchain is the future, so do many of the largest and most successful enterprises in Europe. Both traditional heavy hitters such as Santander Bank, Amazon and Microsoft, as well as true blockchain pioneers, such as the crypto exchange giant Binance, are increasingly finding that blockchain is the future. As a result, the workforce that is vigorously enabling the expansion of blockchain is ever growing. 

The future for digital currencies and blockchain technology is as bright as ever. The possibilities are almost endless. Working in such an environment is inspiring, stimulating and rewarding. Only time will tell what the future holds for the world of blockchain, but you have the chance to participate and contribute in building a better future.

With our huge amount of blockchain job openings we offer great opportunities to anyone who wants to help build and expand the world of blockchain. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Remote blockchain jobs & European blockchain jobs

Blockchain work is different in many ways. Not just the variety of blockchain jobs is substantial, also the way these different jobs are performed differs a great deal. There might be an ideal job opening available for everyone’s preference. 

For instance, a large amount of blockchain job openings consist of remote jobs. Do you prefer working from home? The nature of blockchain work makes it likely you will be able to find what suits your needs.

Do you prefer to work in an office environment surrounded by motivated and inspiring colleagues? Blockchain4talent offers jobs in offices all over the continent of Europe. Offices in the most attractive cities are always looking to recruit new talent. As the financial capital of Europe, blockchain jobs in London are plentiful. Is mainland Europe more your cup of tea? Do not worry as offices all over Europe, such as Berlin, are looking for blockchain specialists.

The choice is yours. We offer both remote jobs and office jobs all around Europe in more than 25 different cities. Whatever your personal preference might be, the possibility that you will find exactly what you were looking for is high.

Bitcoin jobs & cryptocurrency jobs

At the heart of blockchain lies the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies. Much of the blockchain work therefore revolves around cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. Of course, at Blockchain4talent we offer many crypto related blockchain job vacancies. During the period from 2017 to 2020, the amount of job listings containing either ‘cryptocurrency’, ‘bitcoin’ or’ blockchain’ has increased by a massive 194%. 

Bitcoin jobs all around Europe are in huge demand. As the adoption of bitcoin by companies and even countries is expanding, so is the availability of bitcoin related jobs. The world of cryptocurrency is bigger than just bitcoin however.

A plethora of other cryptocurrency jobs are available on our website. Development on countless different cryptocurrencies is never ending and the potential of this exciting world is endless.

The industry is so new and revolutionizing that crypto-knowledgeable people are in great demand and hard to find. Luckily, this means a lot of job openings are often available. 

Do you believe cryptocurrencies are the future of finance and do you want to take part in this technological revolution? Apply for one of the many blockchain job vacancies related to cryptocurrencies.

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Many people from all around the world work with blockchain technology nowadays. The best time to jump on the bandwagon and find the perfect blockchain job is now. Blockchain4talent connects blockchain enthusiasts and blockchain companies from all over Europe. Are you still a student? A web developer? A sales/marketing professional? Software engineer or team lead? With over 3.000 blockchain job openings your search for the perfect job might be concluded quicker than you think.

We have opportunities for everyone willing to join the innovative and challenging space of blockchain. Do not wait any longer and apply today! An application could be mere seconds away.