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Looking for a Blockchain job in Paris, France?

Blockchain4talent has many job listings in Paris. Paris and Berlin are the two biggest Blockchain hubs in Europe.  Great Blockchain start-ups originate from Paris like Eversend, BCDiploma and Cosmian to name a few. It might come as no surprise that Paris has the most Blockchain Jobs to offer in France, however cities such as Lyon and Nantes are also important Blockchain hubs.

Blockchain Technology has infinite possibilities. Blockchain4talent aims to offer jobs to anyone who wants to be involved in the Blockchain revolution. Whether you are a student, marketeer, entrepreneur, financial controller, business consultant, sales professional or a software developer, Blockchain4talent has exciting opportunities for all of you! This can involve cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (and the Lightning Network), Ethereum, EOS or Monero and many others and/or Smart contracts, ICO’s, Distributed Ledger Technology, Mining, Exchanges or Hyperledgers. There are countless business opportunities where Blockchain technology is applied.

Are you interested in Blockchain career opportunities in other cities than Paris such as Brussels or Amsterdam? Go to Blockchain4talent.com and find your job & purpose in the Blockchain world!