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Blockchain has all the potential to uproot the entire financial sector as we know it. Do you have a background in finance or fintech as well as experience with blockchain? The perfect match is out there for you. Find your ideal finance blockchain job on this website. 

Finance blockchain jobs near you

Hundreds of finance blockchain jobs are listed on Blockchain4talent, with that number still growing. If you are situated in Europe, there will always be a fintech job opening near you. Have a look at the blockchain job offerings in Paris for instance. Or do you live in Ireland? There are plenty of blockchain jobs in Dublin to be found as well.

Involving blockchain in the world of finance comes with a number of benefits. Blockchain reduces the chance of fraud. It’s completely decentralized and the chain doesn’t belong to anyone. It can’t be messed with. Each transaction is recorded on a digital ledger which leads to a much higher accountability and fewer accidents. On top of that, blockchain doesn’t work with third parties, which is a huge reason for the minimal amount of fraud involved. Any extra unnecessary layers are removed and what remains are the things that really matter: the products and/or services.

Why Work in Blockchain

The blockchain industry is new and exciting. Not only do we believe blockchain is the future, so do many of the largest and most successful enterprises in Europe. Both traditional heavy hitters such as Santander Bank, Amazon and Microsoft, as well as true blockchain pioneers such as the crypto exchange giant Binance are increasingly finding that blockchain is the future. As a result, the workforce that is vigorously enabling the expansion of blockchain is ever growing.  

The future for digital currencies and blockchain technology is as bright as ever. The possibilities are almost endless. Working in such an environment is inspiring, stimulating and rewarding. Only time will tell what the future holds for the world of blockchain, but you have the chance to participate and contribute in building a better future!

Blockchain developers, blockchain consultants and more

Blockchain work is extremely diverse. From blockchain developers to community managers and marketing sales jobs. In the world of blockchain there is a place for everyone. As blockchain is one of the fastest growing sectors, companies are looking for a wide variety of skilled professionals to reinforce their teams. The demand for such a skilled workforce is skyrocketing as the industry is still so very young and only expanding. 

On Blockchain4talent.com we therefore offer an extremely large variety of blockchain job vacancies. Even a large amount of blockchain internship positions can be found on our website. The possibilities are virtually limitless.  

No matter your background, the world of blockchain potentially offers everyone a piece of the pie. Don’t be afraid you don’t have the right background, there is always a job vacancy to be found that fits your profile. With over 1,000 blockchain job vacancies to choose from, your search might be concluded quicker than you think.

How to Apply for a Blockchain Fintech Job

The application process on Blockchain4talent is very straightforward and intuitive. Say you have found the perfect job match. From that moment onwards, applying for the position is just a few clicks away. If you want a job within blockchain finance you have to follow a few simple steps.

Click the button that says ‘apply for a job’ on your vacancy of choice and you will be taken to the company’s website. There you will have to follow their application procedures, which might vary according to their own application process.

Good luck job hunting!